Sweetcrisp is a vigorous, low-chill southern highbush blueberry variety. Its best features are a vigorous bush with good survival and a very sweet, crisp-textured berry. It has a low chilling requirement and is expected to be adapted to the 200 to 400 hours chilling zone. Sweetcrisp makes a vigorous bush, midway between upright and spreading. The plant has a low chilling requirement, estimated at about 200 hours, and it flowers and makes new leaves at about the same time in February. Sweetcrisp makes only a medium number of flower buds, and because of this, yield per bush may be lower than for Jewel and Emerald.

Sweetcrisp berries are unusually sweet and low in acidity. The berries have the firm, crisp texture that has made the variety Bluecrisp popular with consumers. Berry size is similar to Star, but berry size on Sweetcrisp is more variable, and some Sweetcrisp berries can be smaller. The picking scar is good and the berries are medium blue in color. Sweetcrisp berries are somewhat more prone to rain splits than those of most southern highbush varieties. If harvest weather is dry, ripe berries can hang on the bush for an unusually long time in good condition and without softening. The berry clusters of Sweetcrisp are open (long pedicels) and detachment force for ripe berries is rather low. These features make Sweetcrisp a candidate for mechanical harvest, should this become necessary in Florida.

The main potential advantages of Sweetcrisp are the high vigor and survival of the plants, the low chilling requirement and the unusual consumer qualities of the berries, which include a crisp texture and sweet, low-acid flavor resembling that of Bluecrisp. The berries have been excellent in post-harvest storage tests but have some tendency to split during rainy weather. The plant has good early leafing and flowering, which favor its success in that area, but flower bud number is relatively low, and this could limit yields in warmer areas of Florida. Mechanical harvesting ability has not been tested for Sweetcrisp, but the firm berries, open clusters, and low detachment force of the ripe berries are among the prerequisites for a machine harvested blueberry.Product Description